Who We Are

Mo Beidoun

Mo Beidoun grew up shooting films. His first camera was a hi8 Panasonic that he shot home movies
with his siblings on. He continued making films throughout high school, starting a movie club
along the way to better appreciate films with his fellow aficionados.He has earned two degrees
from Michigan State University, a Bachelor’s degree in Film and TV Production and a Master’s in
Health and Risk Communication. He has DP’d two feature length documentaries, several shorts,
music videos, and numerous corporate videos. He is also an accomplished editor, experienced
with both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

Shadi Beidoun
Co-Founder/Graphic Design Artist

Peter D

Blerim Nici
Blerim has an unending passion for the cinematic. Ever since he was young,
he always loved going to the picture show. When he was 12 he was able to purchase
his first Canon camera. Ever since, he thrives on creating an unforgettable story
through his photography and film work. His goal is to capture the visual creativity in
everything around him and he will not rest until he masters his professional ambitions.